Puresci leads the energy saving of lithium battery production into the “billion"era

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From December 1st to December 3rd, 2021, the 2021 5th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exhibition (IBTE) has ended. Due to the dual-carbon policies of various countries, this exhibition has attracted attention from all walks of life.


Every brands showed up with new products in the battery industry ,at the exhibition site,not only highlighting the rapid development of technology, but also unveiling more possibilities for the development of the industry.


In this exhibition, Puresci introduced the solution of medium temperature regenerative dehumidification air-conditioning system, and shared with you the four energy methods of dehumidification air-conditioning for lithium battery production.

Following,please take the Puresci train of energy transformation time and together to witness the advent of the "100 million" energy-saving era of lithium battery production.

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