In the face of multiple high requirements in the complex industrial field, the problems faced cannot be solved by core components and components. Puworth combines its own core components with one-horizontal coupling, coupled with precise logic control, completely It can help system manufacturers and engineers solve more difficult problems.
revo Side-side solutions
    Research & Development
    Puresci has developed a more efficient dehumidification rotor by investing heavily in the material of the rotor. Through the modification of the dehumidification material, the heat and mass transfer coefficient of the dehumidification material is improved, and the heat transfer is greater under the same temperature difference; When the same heat transfer is satisfied, the temperature difference is smaller.
    While the high-efficiency dehumidification rotor meets the same dehumidification capacity as the ordinary dehumidification rotor, the desorption temperature of the rotor is reduced to the regeneration temperature of 90°C, which means the change of renewable energy, and some low-grade energy can meet the demand.
    Energy Conservation
    The extreme coupling of high-performance dehumidification rotor and heat pump technology saves a lot of energy for industrial and commercial users and customers.