The pharmaceutical industry is a technology-intensive industry with the characteristics of high investment, high profit and strong competition. The temperature and humidity requirements for the production workshop of pharmaceuticals are also extremely strict. The compressed air in the production workshop of pharmaceutical factories needs to use clean air (no oil, no water, dust-free, sterile).

During the production and storage of medicines,the relative humidity should be controlled between 45% and 65%.If a large amount of moisture enters pharmaceutical's workshop or warehouse effects pharmaceutical's quality and health of the body easy to respiratory diseases.


The particularity of the pharmaceutical industry means that only experienced suppliers in this field can develop solutions that can operate safely and reliably and meet stringent standards. Controlling relative humidity is significant important maintain a sterile environment.Our technicians have been involved in the research and development of desiccant wheel(rotor) systems from the application side,and professional experience accumulated over the years helps to further optimize the product.


Product Advantages
  • Real-time Monitoring​​​​​​​
    Control the temperature and humidity of the workshop to ensure product quality .
  • Long Life​​​​​​​
    10 ~ 12 years in good environment .
  • High Performance​​​​​​​
    Excellent performance while saving energy consumption .
  • Customized Solution​​​​​​​
    Customized dehumidification and air conditioning system to solve different humidity problems .​​​​​​​