Puresci is based on thermodynamic research, combining heat transfer, refrigeration, and mass transfer, relying on physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, surface physics and mechanics, and nanomaterials; subversive material improvement at the micro level, and lean manufacturing at the macro level, constantly serving customers and users bring value.
Desiccant Rotor​​​​​​​s
We are constantly deepening and deepening in physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, surface physics and mechanics, materials science and so on.

Utilizing the thin, light, and porous functional characteristics of the substrate, the adsorption material and the substrate are firmly and uniformly combined by a chemical reaction method, so that the adsorption material is evenly deposited on the surface and pores of the substrate. At the same time, the addition of other chemical additives increases the adhesion of the adsorption material on the substrate to a certain extent, and can control the uniform growth of the pores of the adsorption material, improving the adsorption performance and adsorption capacity of the product.​​​​​​​
After more than ten years of research and development, Puresci has given life to the dehumidification unit with real-time data collection on the basis of long-life, high-performance hardware, making it an intelligent ecological system.

We develop sealing materials by ourselves, which are more wear-resistant and have low friction coefficient; DC motors are adopted, with stable speed regulation and high-precision control; the data acquisition module provides real-time feedback to customers and users through the analysis of temperature and humidity, air volume, and dew point temperature data .

Auxiliary core components exert the greatest and longest-term value, better serve customers and users, and create value for customers and users.​​​​​​​