Lithium Battery
The dehumidification process of lithium battery workshops has a great impact on product quality and is a high-energy-consuming process. While battery companies pay attention to the performance of dehumidification equipment, they are also paying more and more attention to how to save energy and reduce consumption in the dehumidification process.
Lithium Battery enters the"Billion" era of Energy-saving

10GKW battery factory has a power distribution rate of 40000KW

16000KW for dehumidification air conditioning system

Puresci can make the 40%-60% energy saving 

  • High temperature regeneratio

  • Medium temperature regeneration

Renewable Energy

Products and Services
In addition to producing the core components of desiccant wheels, Puresci has slowly carried out product iterations to achieve digital applications while ensuring reduction cost and energy saving (40%-60%) during the mass production of lithium batteries.
From the preliminary design to final installation and Puresci arranges professional engineers to bring customers set working conditions to achive excllent
dehumidification effect.
Judging from the various energy-saving solutions emerging in the industry at present, how to balance low dew point, stable operation, initial investment cost and energy saving is the biggest pain point. We pursue the most economical, practical, and first-principle energy-saving solutions.
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