• Do you provide customize service?

    Yes,we do.
  • How long we could get our order?

    Depends on order quantity. Normally 7-10days for regular size.
  • How is your rotor’s lifespan?

    Normally, it covers 8-10 years age in excellent environment.
  • How do you think of your rotor comparing with your competitor?

    We never compared us to others, we do comparing with ours always. We are keeping moving every year, and make innovation to generate new technology, thus we have many series desiccant rotor to meet different applications.
  • Where is the rotor technology from?

    The rotor technology is from Puresci. We have done basic researching and application researching at our laboratories since twelve years ago. We have four laboratories and many Dr. and Masters working here. Puresci rotor is from Puresci.
  • May I have purchase locally?

    I am sorry that you could not. We haven’t any distributor at moment. All of selling is from Puresci China directly, to make sure you get first hand desiccant rotor.Our plan of establishing overseas warehouses in Europe will begin in the next few years, and you can expect to get our rotors locally in the future.
  • What is payment method acceptable?

    T/T, L/C at sight, Paypal, WU
  • Could you provide software for model selection?

    Yes, sure. We have Puresci software at APP version,Web version,and computer version for our clients.
  • What is different between your rotors?

    We provide rotor series at PSS, PSS-S, PSL,PST and PSC for different application conditions, such as regular humidity request, low dew point energy saving, low temperature regeneration of waste heating source and super energy saving.
    1.High temperature desiccant silica rotor PSS
    2.Compared to PSS performance that PSS-S can be saved by12%-15%
    3.Energy-saving 25% desiccant rotor PST 
    4.Low dew point desiccant rotor PSC 
    5.Low temperature desiccant rotor PSL used recycle heating .
  • What is size of desiccant rotor you could provide?

    You can get rotor diameter from 180mm to 3500mm and thickness at 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm, 300mm and 400mm. 
With the value of respecting science, humanity and engineering research, and the motivation on products innovation, Puresci is devoted to build a better future together with customers, employees and partners.

Puresci pursues the First-Principles, analyzing problems and understanding the basic properties of air and water from the perspective of underlying logic. After thousands of verifications, solution of each problem has been optimized; then Puresci solves the issues on air handling for customers through multiple tests of refrigeration methods, adsorption rotors, data acquisition and logic control modes as well as supplying disinfection service and high-quality solutions.