In this era, human life is inseparable from the Internet, which promotes the development of the communication industry, and data storage cannot be separated from the support of various hardware, and the maintenance of normal operation of hardware facilities is still inseparable from a suitable temperature and humidity environment.

At present,The data preservation is inseparable from the support of various hardware,and maintaining the normal operation of hardware facilities is still inseparable from a suitable temperature and humidity environment.In the communication center,too high or low humidity all cause a series of problems, Such as corrosion of the connector tube,corrosion of components,short circuit of electronic components, etc.

Puresci's proven expertise and innovative capabilities to precise humidity controll & temperature for equipment creat dryer room.Our proven products demonstrate their outstanding dehumidification capabilities in thousands of applications,whether standard solutions or custom solutions.

A more cost-effective upgrade product than PSS​​​​​​​

The PSS-S product is the first upgraded product obtained from Puresci's dehumidification rotor products and solutions, which is different from the previous ordinary silicone rotor products.

The current state of process dehumidification in the industrial field
Puresci’s high temperature desiccant rotor has been used in many fields. Its high performance and long life characteristics extend the repeat purchase cycle of customers and users and save costs for customers and users.

A must for the dehumidification system in the future industrial field
The PST desiccant rotor is Puresci's subversion of the traditional silica gel desiccant rotor, using a variety of dehumidification materials to be evenly fused with inorganic fibers in a grafted manner.

Breakthrough based on dehumidification materials and energy methods
The PSC desiccant rotor is made of special inorganic silicate material, and the hydrophilic group is specially treated.

Product Advantages
  • Real-time Monitoring​​​​​​​
    Control the temperature and humidity of the workshop to ensure product quality .
  • Long Life​​​​​​​
    10 ~ 12 years in good environment .
  • High Performance​​​​​​​
    Excellent performance while saving energy consumption .
  • Customized Solution​​​​​​​
    Customized dehumidification and air conditioning system to solve different humidity problems .​​​​​​​