Processing of Agricultural Products
At present,compared with the US and Europe,China is highest proportion of fruits and vegetables in the word,but the ratio of agricultural products drying is1:1.9.Although the domestic agricultural product processing technology has been improved,many problems cannot be solved,such as: high energy consumption and destroying its composition....
To solve a series of problems, Puresci launched couple of rotary&heat pump system based on heat pump drying equipment,which can effectively shorten the drying time,precise temperature humidity control and maintain the taste.​​​​​​​
low temperature drying - Puresci creats ultimate food taste
Meanwhile,keeping high added value of food and save energy for customers.such as tea polyphenols,which high value for medicine and food,the cost of extraction is extremely high.Puresci develops special adsorption materials based on a large amount of data verification,which deep dehumidification,reduce energy consumption and cost for heat-sensitive materials.​​​​​​​

Advantages and Disadvantages

Heat Pump drying

 Low energy consumption
 Limited dehumidification 

Wheel Drying

 Strong dehumidification ability
 High energy consumption

Freeze Drying

 Low dehumidification efficiency
 High energy consumption


 Precise humidity control
 cost and energy saving







Pet food



Dried vegetables



Dried sea fish

Mushroom cheaper and delicious.if the temperature higher,easy to destroy taste. Puresci independents control temperature & humidity improve drying rate,bring more beneficial to customers.
When tobacco is being dried, it's more sensitive to temperature response,Puresci can effectively improve the taste of flue-cured tobacco, the ratio of top-grade tobacco is increased by 50%.
Sea Fish
During the processing of food drying,the temperature higher or lower both affect quality of fish.Puresci precise humidity control,preserving best flavor solution for food.
Dried vegetables
The fast food contain fruit and vegetable packets.and well received. Puresci provides healthy and environmentally friendly drying systems that further save energy and improve quality.