How to reduce the energy consumption of data center air conditioning system?

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With the widespread use of data centers,artificial intelligence and network applications have become important signs of the information age.According to statistics,there are about 100000 newly built computer rooms every year in China,and the relative humidity in the computer rooms is maintained within the range of 40%-60%.if the internal environment is too humid,it will have a great impact on communication equipment.The electronic equipment in the computer room usually mainly includes computer equipment such as servers,switches,and optical transceivers.Humidity can cause corrosion of the metal parts of the equipment,deterioration of components,poor contact performance of electrical contacts,and even short circuits.For IT companies, maintaining and controlling humidity is very important. Air with high humidity may directly cause its malfunction. Therefore, the best way is to use a dehumidifier. Puresci produces the core components of the dehumidification rotor and provides reliable components and accessories. It makes full use of the new generation of industrial Internet of Things to ensure the cost reduction and energy saving of the data center air conditioning system, and realize real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity.

Dehumidification solutions:


Each data center has extremely high requirements for temperature and humidity control, and the best humidity should be kept in the range of 40%-60%. Depending on the type of equipment, the requirements for temperature and humidity are also different. Excessive humidity will cause moisture deposition in electronic components or connectors, which will cause damage over time, which further exacerbates the problem of humidity distribution.

Desiccant wheel-PST:

Puresci understands deeeply that customer-centric and creating value for users is the core value of puresci.After several years of research and development on dehumidification materials,puresci has obtained a new generation of product PST,which ratio of regeneration air volume and processing air volume is 1:4.The dehumidification machine the cost is reduced by 25%.

The PST uses a variety of dehumidification materials to uniformly blend with inorganic fibers by grafting.A variety of inorganic materials and molecular sieve materials with the characteristics of large water absorption and adsorption depth have been applied into the manufacture of desiccant rotor.including 59.4% of special silica gel and 30.6% of various molecular sieves.

Dehumidification performance curve:

The new products developed by Puresci further meet the needs of customers and users,and their dehumidification performance is further improved,which improves dehumidification efficiency and saves energy consumption.


Example : summer

Dry bulb temperature 35°C, regeneration temperature 120°C

Dehumidifier operates 24 hours/day

The average electricity fee is USD 0.073

Process airflow temperature 22°C,process airflow 15000CMH

Desiccant rotor

Electricity fee(USD)

Calculation Formula



PST 220.095


Calculation Formula: Temperature Rise*Specific Heat Capacity of Air*Regenerative Air volume *Air Density/3600/Electric Heating Efficiency*24 Hours*0.8

Conclusion :

With its excellent performance,OST can save regeneration cost US$73.365/day and cooling capacity 480kw/day.

Puresci meets all your requirements for humidity control, and has a selection software that has been rigorously measured to achieve the best results for you. You can log on to our website to view, or dial: 86-510-83786772 to communicate with technical consultants.


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