The dehumidification wheel and dehumidification system testing laboratory built by Puresci has several physical measurement instruments and infrastructure for high-precision temperature, humidity (absolute moisture content), dew point, air volume, wind speed, and differential pressure. On the basis of data testing and fitting verification, mathematical models and physical models are made, and digital dehumidification wheel selection software is established for customers. Based on this, it also has 3 enthalpy difference chambers, which can accurately simulate the actual working conditions of engineering application scenarios throughout the year.
       The dynamic laboratory accurately evaluates and verifies the performance of the dehumidification wheel, designs and optimizes the dehumidification system of the wheel, and provides an integrated system solution. Quick solution, develop a wider range of air treatment products to adapt to the ever-changing market.
       Puresci established the SAVE laboratory, focusing on the research of energy-saving products and solutions for air treatment systems in the industrial field.Puresci took the lead in proposing in 2020, based on the research on energy saving of renewable energy based on the medium-temperature regenerative dehumidification system, to solve the worries of renewable energy for the realization of medium-temperature regeneration of lithium batteries, and create value for many lithium battery manufacturers to greatly save energy and reduce consumption.
       This revolutionary idea not only gave Puworth the possibility to participate in the contract energy management project, but also the idea of establishing an energy-saving and emission-reduction laboratory from parts and components to a leading energy-based company came into being.
  Three Ways to Renew Energy
Mariana Lab
       Based on the microscopic research, appearance and characteristics of materials, the Mariana Laboratory focuses on engineering application research and further development of high-tech, and conducts synthesis, characterization, optimization and other work on various adsorption materials, forming a basis for both forward-looking exploration and applied research. A development layout that takes both research and technology R&D into consideration.
       The performance and life of the adsorption material are microscopically tested with precision instruments. Whether the microstructure reaches the theoretically proven morphology determines the performance of the adsorption material at the macro level. The laboratory introduces precision instruments such as laser particle size analyzers and specific surface micropore analyzers to conduct in-depth development of existing materials such as silica gel and molecular sieves.
       Based on inorganic adsorption materials, Puresci develops different dehumidification wheels and materials for dehumidification and air-conditioning systems in the field of artificial environment humidity control and independent temperature and humidity control, and then uses the Arrhenius equation to test and evaluate the service life of the adsorption materials , developed a long-life, high-quality adsorption dehumidification wheel for customers.
Kilimanjaro Lab
       Kilimanjaro Laboratory follows the concept of "letting the imagination fly, exhausting the science", traces the source, explores and simulates the adsorption characteristics of porous materials under various temperature and humidity conditions in different environments of heat, temperature and cold in an all-round way. After the establishment of the laboratory, advanced instruments such as thermogravimetry and mass spectrometry were introduced to build a test platform for adsorption and desorption performance. Provide a theoretical basis for the application of the runner. After years of research accumulation and precipitation, the laboratory has established a research base that can realize the integration of material design, research and development, preparation and characterization.
       The Kilimanjaro laboratory provides solid theoretical support for the application of the runner and precisely locates the application range of the material. This is the basis for product quality improvement and product series renewal, and also the source of Puresci's ability to maintain market competitiveness.
Antarctic Ocean Lab​​​​​​​
       The Southern Ocean Laboratory has a high-precision, wide-range constant temperature and humidity simulation room, which can effectively simulate winter and summer application scenarios; Formaldehyde content and temperature and humidity. Combined with excellent technical personnel who focus on this field, it aims to carry out deep and extensive application test research on air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, sterilization, disinfection, etc., to provide powerful data support for the design and finalization of commercial and household fresh air products, Comprehensively solve indoor air health problems.
       Southern Ocean Laboratory will continue to conduct various scene application simulations for different public building types and different room types, and monitor CO₂, formaldehyde content, temperature and humidity in real time. Based on the original fresh air products and the combination of adsorption runners, It not only removes peculiar smell and changes the air, but also sterilizes, disinfects and filters the air to achieve long-term no condensed water accumulation, no bacteria and viruses, and create a safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environment for customers and users.
De-Carbon & Hydrogen Lab
       The hydrocarbon dynamic testing laboratory is one of the important means to monitor volatile organic gases and verify materials. Use mass spectrometers and other instruments for real-time monitoring of hydrocarbons to obtain a large amount of gas processing data, establish a database of hydrocarbon runners and use big data to provide customers and users with higher quality and high-performance products and improve corporate profits. Provide customers with customized services and solutions from multiple dimensions.
       The dynamic test laboratory combines porous materials, adsorption and desorption characteristics, runners and real-time monitoring. With solid theoretical and data support, it is gradually meeting the needs of zero emissions and is aiming to become a full-service solution enterprise, one step closer.
Disinfection & Sterilization Lab
In recent years, under the "invasion" of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, the whole country has entered a state of "national alert". Indoor air disinfection has gradually become a rigid demand, making people re-understand the value of disinfection modules.
Puresci has launched multi-generation and multi-dimensional disinfecting modules and products to the world, capturing precise adsorption and eliminating bacteria and viruses in complex environments, self-decomposing adsorbates as much as possible, reducing cleaning costs, increasing service life, and upgrading based on material catalysis, pollution-free and harmless The precipitation of substances makes it healthier and more secure, satisfying different indoor living environments of users.