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A new brand strategy - Focus on Air Handling. Puresci's motivation is more in line with the market development trend and the needs of human life. Based on focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of dehumidification rotors in the past ten years, Puresci is dealing with the most complex challenges in global air handling area. Such values and actions are derived from the founder and the employees' respect for the belief in the human nature of science and engineering research.


The launch of the new brand strategy means a comprehensive upgrade of Puresci's product line. Puresci's highly qualified human resources and technology development platform allow us to achieve much more in a wide range of industries. Puresci is committed to becoming an excellent supplier of products and solutions in the global air-handling area, helping domestic and foreign customers to adapt to the ever-changing industrial market, especially in terms of energy, efficiency and environment protection, taking on more responsibility. And also to provide a more energy-efficient, more comfortable and healthier experience in daily life.

So,what bring for customers and users a new brand strategy?

  1. That is to go deep into the new energy vehicle industry and lead the energy saving of lithium battery production into the era of 100 million yuan

Dehumidification and air purification is a process with high energy consumption in the production process of lithium batteries. The problem of energy consumption in mass production can no longer be ignored. The required cost is calculated in units of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. How to reduce energy consumption and even become a power battery or a new energy manufacturer has became the primary issue.

As an excellent supplier of core components in the field of global air treatment, Puresci first put forward the medium temperature regeneration dehumidification system in 2019, in which the double desiccant rotors dehumidification system can make the regeneration temperature decrease from the 120-140°C to 70-90°C, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption during the production process.

After nearly two years of in-depth research, trial and error, and test analysis, Puresci has launched the fourth-generation rotatory dehumidification system. At present, it has been practically applied to the dehumidification of lithium battery production, and breakthroughs have been made in cost reduction and energy saving.


2.The background of carbon neutrality policy, Puresci's cutting-edge R&D on air treatment

Puresci's cutting-edge R&D on air treatment aims to solve the problem of comprehensive prevention and control of exhaust gas pollution. In order to implement the "carbon neutrality" goal, the research and development of CO2 is an important part. The development of Puresci is also inseparable from the progress of the society and human life. We want to use our technology to make the world more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

3.A new degradable plastic materials drying solution to help the green update of the plastic industry

In the future, with the increasing global and Chinese demand for degradable plastics, the capacity expansion of PLA and PBAT will increase rapidly, and the market for these modified plastic raw materials is huge.

Puresci conducts testing, analysis, static physical testing and experiment, dynamic physical testing based on the original physical parameters of plastic materials from the water absorption curve and dehydration curve of different plastic particles to form an engineering solution. In September this year, we completed the homogenization reaction process project of the MDI project of a global modification giant TPU company, and the homogenization effect and energy saving effect are very significant.

4.The "core driving force" of Puresci's new-era housing ventilation system, a building ventilation solution in the post-COVID-19 era


After the implementation of the "Technical Regulations for Fresh Air Systems in Residential Buildings" in 2018 and the "Technical Standards for Residential Fresh Air Systems (JGJ/T440-2018)" in May 2019, fresh air has become the choice of households and individuals for a better life. In the past two years, under the "invasion" of the new type of COVID-19, the whole country has entered a state of emergency , which has made people re-understand the value of fresh air and disinfection modules.

Puresci’s fresh air system to help mid and upper class real estate and light commercial buildings create a high-quality indoor air environment. Different from industrial buildings, Puresci provides energy saving, noise reduction, healthy, safe and ideal fresh air solutions for household-level requirements.

5.Energy efficient solutions for compressed air post-processing equipment

In the field of air compression processing, as many cutting-edge industrial fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, chips, optical devices and other industries have put forward higher requirements for compressed air, it is to be cleaner and drier. In response to the pain points of this market, Puresci has developed more efficient and energy-saving air compressor post-processing systems, core components, components, and subsystems.

Based on the analysis of the existing market of air compressor post-processing equipment and the deep understanding of the future development trend of oil-free and oil-injected products for air compressors, Puresci has formulated a "four-stage" product plan to serve multi-level , Multi-domain customers and users.

Puresci has always held the view that if a company is not deeply rooted in the first principle thinking, it cannot be a great company. Since its establishment in 2010, Puresci has been developing new technologies in a way that is close to the customer market and has always maintained a sense of urgency. Today, in the context of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policy, the new brand strategy will better integrate the concepts of energy saving, environment protection and high efficiency to develop a wider product line in the air handling field, and help domestic and foreign customers adapt to the constantly changing market.


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